Suzanne Enghed, the World’s Toughest Female Firefighter

Suzanne Enghed, the World’s Toughest Female Firefighter






Meet Suzanne Enghed, the World’s Toughest Female Firefighter. Look familiar?  You may have noticed Suzanne as she carried the 2012 Olympic torch for Glouchestershire on its way to London.



This Rugged Beauty, a full-time fire fighter in Cheltenham West fire station in Gloucestershire has taken the gold once again in the World Police & Firefighting Games in Belfast, Northern Ireland this year. In 2012 she triumphed at the games in Sydney, Australia, taking four gold medals (Toughest Firefighter Alive, TFA Age Group, Indoor Rowing 2000m, Doubles Tennis) and one silver (Mixed Double Tennis). Competing against 5,000 of the toughest in the industry, Suzanne tackled each event with vigor and determination. She scaled 8.5 meter towers in full uniform, sprinted up 86 flights of stairs among other tough events to claim the title of World’s Toughest Firefighter.

Suzanne is no stranger to being at the top of these challenging international competitions, check out a complete list of her medal history! Impressive and inspiring to say the least.


World Police & Firefighting Games 2013 – Belfast, Northern Ireland

Ultimate Firefighter                    Gold

Stair Climb                              Gold  


World Firefighting Games  2012 – Sydney, Australia

Toughest Firefighter Alive                Gold

Rowing Indoor 2000m                    Gold

Stair Run                                        Gold

Tennis (Womens doubles)              Gold

Tennis (Mixed doubles)                  Silver


World Police & Firefighting Games 2011 – New York

Ultimate Firefighter                    Silver


World Firefighting Games  2010 – Daegu, Korea Worlds Toughest Firefighter


Gold Beach Volleyball (Mixed)               Gold

Stair Run                                        Gold

Tennis (Mixed doubles)                  Gold

Tennis (Womens doubles)             Silver

Tennis (Womens Single)                Bronze


World Firefighting Games 2008 – Liverpool, U.K

Arm Wrestling                                 Gold

Tennis (Mixed)                                Gold

Beach Volleyball (Women)             Bronze

Beach Volleyball (Mixed)                Bronze


While Suzanne is not competing for medals, she is busy with her firefighting career. Suzanne shares one of the biggest challenges all firefighters face. Having to make quick and confident decisions under serious conditions.


“For example, every action you take in a fire situation is going to affect you and your colleagues. If you use more water on a fire you will create more steam and heat. If you open a window or water in the form of a jet, you’ll introduce more oxygen which can increase the amount of fire or burning steam.” 

She works hard to keep up with new industry standards and procedures to ensure a safe, efficient response in all types of emergencies. Suzanne can be found on the scene of just about any emergency you can imagine. From fires, to floods, traffic accidents, train accidents, animal rescue and many more, Suzanne and her team have to be equipped with the skills and knowledge to tackle an array of different emergency response tasks efficiently. When asked what it is like to be a woman working in a traditionally male dominated field, Suzanne had a positive response,


 “It is interesting as I learned more about men than I would have in other roles. I think this challenge has made me stronger and I learned not to compare myself with the men or try to be too much like them. Instead I’ve tried to find my strengths and what I can do to make the team stronger and more efficient. Being shy, from another country, and female in a male dominated field has also helped me to focus on finding effective ways to make myself heard when necessary.”

How does she stay so fit!? Suzanne exercises at least once a day, sometimes twice or even three times a day to maintain her physique. She continually changes her exercise routine and the environment she trains in to make sure she continues to enjoy what she does. You can learn more about her fitness routine on her site: Suzanne’s Training Routine. 


Look for Suzanne in 2014 at the World Police & Firefighting Games, which will be held in the Los Angeles, California, USA.

Visit Suzanne’s official website:

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